How Do I Lease a Volkswagen?

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Leasing is one of the easiest ways to stay behind the wheel of the latest vehicles, but how do you lease a Volkswagen? It’s just as easy as leasing any other vehicle, and Auffenberg Volkswagen is here to break it down so you can see why so many drivers are coming to our Shiloh dealership when it’s time for an auto upgrade.

Before Leasing a Volkswagen

If you already know you want to drive a Volkswagen, you’ve done much of the hard work: narrowing it down to a brand. Now it’s time to determine which Volkswagen is right for your drive — similar drivers from East St. Louis and Madison might have very different needs, after all.
  • Choose Body Style: If you need a crossover for a large or growing family, the Tiguan, Touareg, or Atlas are probably the way to go. If you need something sporty and efficient, the Golf or Jetta may be better options. The Golf SportWagen, Golf Alltrack, and Passat offer a nice middle ground, being two wagon-style vehicles and a sedan respectively.
  • Determine Your Needs: If you’re the kind of driver who wants one vehicle and wants to drive it until it no longer runs, a lease might not be for you (consider applying for financing). If, on the other hand, you drive a predictable number of miles, like staying up-to-date on the latest cars, and are interested in a smaller monthly payment, a lease might be the right fit.

How to Lease a Volkswagen

The process of leasing is very similar to financing, but the driver instead simply finances the expected depreciation of the car. That’s why there are mileage limits on a lease — a car depreciates faster as the miles pile up. Now that you know which Volkswagen you want to drive and that you do want a lease, just
  • Schedule a test drive
  • Determine which trim level you want to drive home
  • Discuss the leasing options and specials available on that model (with our finance team)
  • Go over the terms of the lease
  • Sign the paperwork
  • Drive home your new Volkswagen
When your lease is done, you will often have the option to buy your vehicle for a predetermined price or to lease something new.

Have Questions About Leasing a New Volkswagen?

While many Madison and Caseyville drivers lease their Volkswagen vehicles, it might still feel different, and that’s okay. The team at Auffenberg Volkswagen is here to answer all of your questions. Contact us today to learn more about your leasing options or learn more about our VW Passat lease deals or our VW Golf lease incentives.
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