Your Guide to the Volkswagen Jetta Warning Lights

Dashboard Warning Lights

Volkswagen Jetta Warning Lights

Almost all modern vehicles use a series of dashboard lights in order to clearly indicate problems to the driver. However, these aren’t going to be of very much use if you’re unfamiliar with the Volkswagen dash light meanings. Thankfully, anyone can learn how to interpret the Volkswagen Jetta warning lights and get the VW service they need with us!

Volkswagen Dash Light Meanings

Your Volkswagen Jetta possesses a number of lights which you should already be familiar with, including the Fuel Cap Off, Hood Open, Low Fuel Level, and Check Engine lights. There are also numerous additional lights, and since some are unique to the Volkswagen Jetta dash light meanings, and we’ve detailed each of them according to the order in which they are displayed in the image on the right:

Green & Blue Warning Lights

  1. The lights with arrows in the opposite direction are telling you that your Hazard Warning Lights are in operation.
  2. This is the right signal indicator that flashes the rear light on your car and informs other Madison drivers of the direction you are turning.
  3. The same as above, except it’s the left signal.
  4. This blue light with beams shining from it tells you that your high beams are on, giving you additional vision during your night driving.

Yellow Warning Lights

  1. A solid light tells you the diesel engine pre-glow is activated; Blinking light: potential diesel engine malfunction.
  2. This yellow light appearing as a key informs you the key is in the ignition.
  3. A yellow key with a dash in it may indicate a potential with the ignition.
  4. Car is in neutral, and not in park.
  5. Your particulate filter light tells you something is blocking the diesel engine filter, see owner’s manual.
  6. The yellow light with a thermometer and two wavy lines beneath it is the engine coolant light indicator.
  7. If it’s red there is low voltage output from the alternator, charging has failed
  8. If the yellow engine emission malfunction dashboard indicator light comes on, please bring in your vehicle to Auffenberg Volkswagen for service.
  9. This yellow light with a rectangle and a liquid line inside is informing you your coolant level is low.
  10. The yellow light here appearing as a curved rectangle with dashed lines coming up in and curving in opposite directions is telling you that your windshield wiper fluid is low.
  11. This light indicates that you should check oil levels or your oil sensor.

Red Warning Lights

  1. The red battery light is warning you that you’re having an issue with your battery charging.
  2. The red thermometer that pops up is indicating that your coolant level is either low or the temperature is too hot.
  3. This red half filled engine symbol indicates reduced engine power.
  4. The exclamation point with a circle around it, when blinking red, informs you that your parking brake is activated or the ABS system is malfunctioning.
  5. A parking brake warning light indicates the parking brake is engaged or there is an issue with the parking brake system.
  6. When red – Antilock Braking System Malfunction – Appears as the letters “ABS”
  7. STOP symbol will flash in conjunction with another warning light; the engine oil pressure or coolant temperature.
  8. Automatic Transmission Malfunction – Appears as a gear with an exclamation mark.
  9. This is another sign that can inform drivers that the vehicle’s engine coolant level is low and it looks like a gear with a thermometer in the center.
  10. A wheel with a lock (in red) indicates an issue with power steering.
  11. A red light with an exclamation mark and parentheses with a jagged line beneath it is telling you that you have low tire pressure or your TPMS system is malfunctioning.
  12. ESP Fault/Traction Control Malfunction Indicator light appears as a triangle with a rounded arrow and an exclamation point in the middle of the triangle. It means that there is a problem with the vehicle’s traction control.
  13. A red light with a triangle is the Master Warning Light and it normally shows up together with another warning light and means that there is an issue with your car.
  14. The P with a triangle and an exclamation mark refers to parking sensors. The parking sensors aid in parking in tight spaces. This light will illuminate when the system has been manually turned off or if there is an issue with the sensors.
  15. This red light appears as a passenger with a seat belt over them and informs Caseyville drivers that the seat belt is not buckled.
  16. The exclamation point is another symbol that could mean your tire pressure is low.
  17. The gas tank is a dashboard light we are all familiar with, and that means it’s time to fill up your tank!
  18. Car on Ramp Indicator light is an image of a vehicle that is elevated and it means that the vehicle is on a ramp/jack system.
  19. This red light indicates your vehicle needs serviced and you should schedule an appointment in Shiloh ASAP.
  20. An empty oil canister with fluid coming from the spout, in red, is the engine oil pressure light.
  21. Oil Temperature Indicator symbol is also red and has the oil canister with a thermometer. If it is seen on the instrument panel, pull over and shut down the engine as soon as possible to allow it to cool down.

Other systems to consider are the AdBlue® System Issues:

  • AdBlue® Level Low – Appears as a half-empty canister pouring fluid.
  • AdBlue® System Malfunction – If the half-empty canister appears alongside the Wrench light, the system is malfunctioning
  • AdBlue® No Restart– If the canister appears in red, the AdBlue® system is not working at all, the engine will not restart
  • AdBlue® No Restart– If the canister appears in red, the AdBlue® system is not working at all, the engine will not restart
  1. If you have any questions about your VW Jetta warning lights, or see a dash light that isn’t described here, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our VW service team would be happy to assist you over the phone, and our service center is just a short drive away from Caseyville or Edwardsville.
Sample Dashboard Warning Lights

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If you’re anywhere near East St. Louis, our service center is a perfect place to have your Volkswagen Jetta warning lights checked out and turned off! Unlike many third-party service centers, we possess specialized diagnostic equipment that makes it easy to solve your problems. Get the help you need by scheduling service online today!

Remember, the best way to prevent problems is to keep up with your Volkswagen maintenance schedule!

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